We have been reviewing options to safely and effectively offer religious education this year. After examining our financial, staff, volunteer, and space resources, we determined that our traditional classroom “Sunday School” model would not be feasible this year.  Among the concerns that we felt we could not safely address:

·         The size of our classrooms is too small to provide adequate space for the number of children in each grade.

·         Several catechists who are at-risk, or are caregivers for those who are at-risk, aren’t able to serve right now.

·         Not enough catechists to split up classes in smaller groups.

·         The challenge of adapting a curriculum “midstream” if we began in-person classes and had to switch quickly to a virtual model.

After considering these factors and examining a variety or proposals, we have prayerfully discerned that our best option is a whole family catechesis program: “Family of Faith” in which parents and their children (all age ranges) will learn together at home using easy turnkey material with support from the pastor and parish staff. Instead of asking parents to teach grade specific content for EACH child in the family, this model is designed to offer a single family session of 30-40 minutes each week.

We are working on a plan to offer monthly in-person and livestream parent sessions with additional teaching from Fr. Johnson and Helen Almeter via video and other multimedia platforms. Plans are underway to coordinate a kick-off session for parents and a fun family “drive thru” with special guests to pick up the materials. Register online here.