The Annual Catholic Appeal for 2022 is underway.  Our parish goal for the Diocesan Appeal this year is $46,711.00.

Now that churches have reopened and they have gotten to a place where we can recover, we need to get back to supporting those ministries through the Annual Catholic Appeal,” said Maureen Coates, Stewardship Director the Diocese of Savannah.

The programs Coates refers to, vocations, Catholic charities, Hispanic ministries, campus ministries, and communications, for example, all continued to serve the parishioners throughout the pandemic. “What we want to do as we come back is let people know exactly what we are doing,” said Coates. “When you support the Annual Catholic Appeal, people have that understanding that the money goes to the diocese but might not know how that money comes back to them and their parish.”

A mailing regarding the annual appeal has gone out to parishioners and donors within the diocese. It will also be advertised online at and on the diocesan website, “When you support the Annual Catholic Appeal you are supporting ministries working at every corner of our diocese,” said Coates.

Donate online here.

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